To implement the interior design plans, the team has overseas each project to ensure that it is carried out in a timely and cost efficient manner, and that the results delivered meet with the expectations and quality needs of the customers. The team is responsible for all phases of the renovation work including:

  • a) coordinating, liaising and managing the various group of workers and subcontractors involved in the project;

  • b) scheduling and timing project phases to ensure that worker are loaded evenly throughout the budgeted period;

  • c) continuous quality inspection;

  • d) monitoring the project to ensure works are done according to design specification, and

  • e) completion of the project within the agreed timeframe,

To complete the project, the company uses the services to subcontractor for various phases of the renovation works, such as masonry works, electrical installtion, air conditioning, ceiling works and painting. The company out sources the services whenever it considers that they can be provided more cost efficient by the subcontractor.

Furniture production
To meet the renovation requirement of customers, the company also produces and supplies custom made furniture for home, offices and shops. The company's custom made furniture comprises mainly paneled furniture includes cabinets, counters table, conferences / meeting table, living room furniture. Kitchen cabinet, wardrobes, display consoles, etc.

Market segment
The company design, contract and furnishing activities can be segmented by market into the following:

  • a) residential properties, comprising individual houses, and en-bloc condominium project and

  • b) offices, factories, shop houses, services apartment and other commercial properties