Find the best kitchen for your home

Although you might not give much thought to it when you initially choosing a kitchen style. It can have a dramatic impact of how nice your house looks. Thankfully, if you take the time to talk to us you can be sure that we’ll only recommend the perfect kitchen finishing for you. At Skilled Decor & Design, we know that you want the best kitchen suit for your home, and we’re happy to work with you to find a best style you suit, in addition to helping you find something that you’ll like looking at. Because, let’s face it, you’ll end up seeing your kitchen, and you don’t want a daily reminder of how ugly it is if you choose the wrong style. 

If cost is your main motivator for what you look for , we’re happy to say that our kitchen is most cost effective and high durable. With the material plywood instead of melamine board or chipboard, plywood would be the best material for users in the kitchen due to water resistance are better than chipboard. Also ,with the high functional tandem box, the kitchen work for our customers.

If you desire something different we are more than happy to provide anything else you require. Whether you are looking for a special quartz stone or marble, we are here in Penang to help. Call us for more information.

Whether you are in the market for semi-custom or full custom cabinets is here to help. Our special kitchen packages include all our full custom cabinet options and are by far the most popular due to their economical price and variety of choices. We also have great options available such as soft-close doors and drawers and we provide all wood construction to offer the finest cabinetry available in Penang. Feel free to call us today to ask any questions or to set up a time to visit our factory or cosultation. Our website is constantly being updated to reflect the current styles in the cabinet industry and our professional kitchen designers will help create the kitchen of your dreams.

Feel free to call us today to ask any questions .


using plywood instead of chipboard(Skilled Decor&Design,Penang)
Modern mix with traditional backsplash, Penang (Skilled Decor&Design)
Kitchen With Aluminium Glass Door, Penang(Skilled decor&Design)
Modern Kitchen Penang, Skilled decor &Design
Kitchen with kompactplus table top Penang,Skilled decor & Design with Kom
Whole White Kitchen With aluminium Glass door, penang , skilled decor &design
aston villa,buki mertajam penang, simple euro design kitchen with white spray paint jatuh door (Skilled decor)
euro design kitchen (Skilled Decor)
modern kitchen with mix color(skilled decor&design)
euro Design Kitchen Penang (skilled decor)
outdoor kitchen with concrete base Penang (skilled decor)